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Our Story

On February 10th, 2018, Kirk Tramble and Miller Allen with the help and support of the Black Alumni Association, BGESS, the College of Engineering, and the CAA organized a Celebration of Diversity to commemorate the 50th anniversary of BESSA and the 30th anniversary of BGESS. The day began with an amazing Symposium organized by Dr. Carlos Biaou which was open to the public, including NSBE Jr. attendees, and featured alumni speakers.

Inspired by the turnout and energy at the event, Kirk and Miller, joined by Rori Abernethy, Dr. Josephine Agbowo, Dr. Leon Daniels, Kelvin Vivian, Kevin Jones, Dr. Nerayo Teclemariam, and Dr. Sheila Humphreys formed an executive team to create a new chartered alumni club of the California Alumni Association in 2019.

BESAC was officially chartered on March 29, 2019, approximately one year after the 2018 Celebration.

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