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Get to Know Us

We are the board members of the  Black Engineering and Science Alumni Club of UC Berkeley. Our efforts help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.

Board: Team

Kirk Tramble

President Emeritus

As a spirited Cal alumnus, Kirk Tramble is excited to serve on the BESAC. Kirk brings over 20 years of corporate experience to the club. He earned his B.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Cal in 1993 and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. In his professional life, Kirk has gained extensive experience working at Chevron, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple and most recently Nitro Inc. where he works at Director, IT.


Dr. Miller Allen


Dr. Allen is a Director of Process Engineering at Applied Materials. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. He also received his Phd in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkley in 2002.


Dr. Nerayo Teclemariam

Vice President

Nerayo Teclemariam is a Manager at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. In this capacity, he leads teams providing technical and strategic analyses on a broad range of national security topics. Dr. Teclemariam holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley (2007). He is a former President of the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students (BGESS).

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Sheila Humphrys


Sheila Humphreys, PhD

Co-Chair 150W History Project

Emerita Dir. of Diversity, EECS Dept, UC Berkeley

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Shantisa Norman

Membership Officer

Shantisa Norman is an engineer at Lockheed Martin. She received her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2008.

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Elmer Whitehead


Elmer Whitehead is a certified/qualified in Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager who holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.


Rori Abernethy

Communications Officer

Rori Abernethy is a Middle School Math Teacher and Induction Coach in San Francisco, California. She received her B.A. in Pure Math from UC Berkeley in 2000.

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